Liquors Woods & Fresh

one-stop solution to clients

Consma Liquors

CONSMA B.V. trades in all A and B branded fine wines, champagnes, and spirits. With extensive connections with thousands of suppliers and clients, CONSMA have access to huge portfolio of top branded liquors.


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Consma woods

Consma B.V is the agent of Taiwan’s woodcraft industry alliance. We integrate and consolidate tens of woodcraft factories in Taiwan, providing OEM solution to clients worldwide. 

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Consma Fresh

CONSMA B.V. cooperates with a number of experienced and licensed growers.

Our fresh products:

  • Potato
  • Onion yellow/white/red
  • White cabbage

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About Consma

CONSMA B.V. is an international trading group consisting of three well-rounded import and export divisions: Consma Liquor, Consma Woods, and Consma Fresh.

Mission & Vision

Our target is to serve the global sourcing and distribution demand from our valued clients. Today, our extensive distribution network offers unprecedented access to the dynamic markets in Asia, from  middle-east to Japan, and Taiwan, Malaysia, HK, China etc.

Consma deliver worldwide, any time any place